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New Patient Information

Our team of integrative providers takes a patient-centered and whole systems approach to your health. We are conventionally trained providers with fellowship training in integrative medicine so we address the root causes of your symptoms– and we have time to listen to you.

We answer your questions.

We provide effective, affordable integrative care.

What we treat?
  • All thyroid concerns
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Cancer recovery and prevention
  • Stress, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance
  • Musculoskeletal (bone and joint) injuries
  • Digestive complaints, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and back-neck pain
  • Common conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and many others.

Combining the best of conventional and evidence-based alternative care, Lauren Houser, CRNP and Dr. Tetlow have time to listen to you and craft a treatment plan that addresses you as a whole person. In addition to understanding your physical concerns, our providers are ready to address body, mind and spirit to help you regain inner balance, and to feel well again. PIM practitioners are expert conventional clinicians who have committed years of post-medical fellowship training in Integrative Medicine to offer you care that is less invasive and more effective than a purely conventional approach.

What type of appointment should I schedule?
We offer a 20 minute optional complimentary consultation with Lauren Houser, CRNP or Dr. Tetlow so you can meet us and discern your next step to greater health and wellbeing. The consultation can be done via phone or in-office. ou can skip the consultation and start treatment right away by scheduling a New Patient Appointment. Please note that our providers won’t review your records or give medical advice until your New Patient Appointment. To schedule your free consult, call us at (888) 702-7974 x2 or complete your scheduling form.
Ready to Schedule Your New Patient Appointment?
Call us at (888) 702-7974 x2 or complete your scheduling form. Our providers begin preparing for your appointment one week in advance, beginning to draft your unique diagnostic and treatment plan. During your 60-90 minute initial appointment, there is plenty of time to hear from you and to address your needs and goals.
Schedule with Lauren Houser, CRNP or Dr. Tetlow?

Please know that Dr. Tetlow and Lauren CRNP  work closely together, meeting daily to discuss your care. We work as a team to prepare for each appointment. You are welcome to schedule with one provider exclusively or to alternate between providers. We talk to one another and would not practice medicine any other way!

Lauren Houser, CRNP tends to have availability sooner than Dr. Tetlow because she has more  appointment slots per day. She specializes in thyroid, hormone, GI issues, and women’s health  and directs our Integrative Fertility Program.

What’s the price of feeling better?
Your initial investment for a New Patient Appointment is $550 with Lauren Houser, CRNP or $795 with Dr. Georgia Tetlow, MD. Follow-up appointments are $250 with Lauren and $310 with Dr. Tetlow. You receive the undivided attention of your integrative provider, and root cause recommendations to help you better understand your body and move forward. You have direct access to both providers for quick conversations between appointments.
We offer an affordable Membership Plan to give you maximum benefit with enhanced access to our clinical team. The PIM team proudly includes Lauren, Dr. Tetlow and our integratively trained nutritionist, who each bring their own specialties. This annual program includes 6 appointments, significant supplement discounts, access to our monthly integrative classes and one month free if you pay in full. We have noticed that when patients commit to our annual membership, they seem to get better faster.  We’ve designed this program to put you on the path to healing well within one year’s time! To become a member, call (888) 702-7974 x2 or complete your scheduling form.
Is the cost of testing included?
We utilize both insurance-reimbursed and specialty lab testing as part of your comprehensive treatment plan. We receive no financial benefit from the testing companies we recommend, so we remain 100% focused on what’s right for you. Because we have no relationship with testing companies, testing companies are paid directly by the consumer and the cost of specialty testing is not included in he cost of individual appointments or membership. We choose the best and most cost-effective specialty testing available to keep costs down. To respect your resources, we always select the most effective testing for YOU so you reach your health goals.
Cancellation Policy
Because appointments are in high demand and to ensure those who want an appointment can get one, we require 3 days’ cancellation notice. If you need to reschedule, no fee applies, but we ask a $25 merchant processing fee if you cancel without rescheduling.
Do you take insurance?

The number one reason so many patients join our practice is because we have the freedom to  offer you quality time with our providers, so that you feel heard and are treated as an individual.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies only cover very short visits (5-10 minutes) with a  healthcare provider.

For this reason, we offer something slightly different: direct reimbursement.

How direct reimbursement works

You pay in full at the time of your appointment. At the endof the appointment we will give you a coded receipt which you can send to your insurer. If your policy provides out-of- network coverage, you receive reimbursement according to your policy, after you meet your deductible. Your insurer reimburses you directly– expect a check in the mail. Because each insurance policy is unique, we encourage you to call your insurer to inquire about reimbursement– please find the list of appointment codes below. You do not need to have an appointment scheduled to check your reimbursement rate.

Note: Our patients with PPO insurance share that they have received 70-80% reimbursement after deductible for all PIM appointments, including their initial and all follow-up appointments.

Appointment Codes:
Dr. Tetlow New Patient (90 mins): 99205 + 99354
Dr. Tetlow Follow-Up (40 mins): 99215
Lauren Houser, CRNP New Regular Patient (60 mins): 99205 plus modifier 25
Lauren Houser, CRNP Follow-Up (30 mins): 99214 plus modifier 25
Medicare and Medicaid
PIM welcomes you as a patient, but we are sorry to share that Medicare and Medicaid patients are not able to receive reimbursement for PIM appointments. When Medicare or Medicaid patients receive Medicare/Medicaid covered services, providers are legally obligated to bill according to the government’s time frame and specifications. We are not only not able to comply with these billing practices– we do not have a billing department or trained Medicare/Medicaid billers– but we intentionally design our practice so that we can spend time with you, hear you and not rush you out of the office. Your PIM appointment is counted as non-Medicare/non- Medicaid covered service, Medicare and Medicaid.
Why can’t PIM be my primary care physician?
Georgia Tetlow, MD, and Lauren Houser, CRNP are specialists and work in partnership with your primary care physician (PCP). They are well versed in primary care concerns, however neither provider can act as your primary care doctor because neither can be on call 24/7, although both are highly responsive. Many patients identify a primary care doctor for referrals and emergencies, but rely on Lauren and Dr. Tetlow for health care appointments and simple questions between appointments.
Hours and Contact Information
Our clinic days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 4:30pm.

Ready to schedule?
Please complete your scheduling form and we’ll email you appointment options. If you have any additional questions, we welcome you to contact Denise at or (888) 702-7974 x 2 and she will call you back as soon as possible. Denise is an integral member of our team and answers the phone from Pittsburgh, though our clinic is located in Wayne, PA.


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Membership Plan

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