Clinic Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

Intensive Clinical Mentorship

Design your practice around your patients and your own quality of life through onsite clinical mentorship.

Intensive-Clinicial-MentorshipIt can take years to establish a healthy integrative practice, or to effectively transition an existing practice toward an integrative approach. All health-care provider and healing professionals welcome, at any stage of transition to integrative practice.  Combine tailored mentoring with a day, week or two weeks of clinical mentorship.



Intrigued but not sure where to start?

Try a free 20-minute phone mentoring consultation with Dr. Tetlow to help you see your next step. Tailored Mentoring (Mondays only) addresses your unique clinical and practice management needs. Sign up for one or more tailored mentoring days.

Get Started

Clinical mentorship occurs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a single day or up to 2 weeks. Learn how to set up key aspects of an integrative practice:

  • Observe integrative management of all chronic illnesses
  • Learn the art of designing, marketing and leading group classes
  • Understand elements of state-of-the-art website and marketing
  • Personalize clinic intake and consent forms
  • Evaluate different tests and interpret results in the clinic
  • Test drive a popular integrative medical record
  • See benefits of in-person vs. virtual assistant staff
  • Identify a personal time-line with clearly identified steps so you can begin the transition to integrative practice today

Working with Dr. Tetlow has been an amazing and rewarding experience.  She helped me get clear on exactly where I needed to go in my professional and personal goals. She has a vast knowledge in many, many areas – mind, body, sprit. I am extremely grateful to have found her and look forward to putting the knowledge I gained into use. Thanks again, Georgia!

Dr. R

Clinical Mentoring Client

After working with Dr. Tetlow, I have confirmation that medicine is better practice using a whole person approach. I learned the importance of spending more time with a patient to identify the root cause of the problems or deficiencies instead of simply treating a complaint or symptoms. I also learned that it is cost effective in terms of preventive hospitalization and prompting whole health. I believe this is the way that patient care should proceed.

Guilene Ogikutu, MD

Clinical Mentoring Client

Dr. Tetlow gave me a fantastic view of the practice of holistic care. Each day I came was exciting with a diverse range of patients with different conditions and I could see the tremendous impact she made on her patients. Her bedside manner was one of understanding and empathy. Additionally, her advice, knowledge, and suggestions were very clearly stated and indicated a deep comprehension of not only the patient’s condition, but also the patient. She gave me a perfect picture of the doctor I can only hope to one day become.

Sarah Hughes

Clinical Mentoring Client