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Daily Tips

  • Have Probiotic beverage

    You can have Kevita as a probiotic beverage if you are not pleased with Kombucha

  • Eat Sweet Potato

    Opt for sweet potatoes over regular white potatoes

  • Vegetables

    You can cook veggies to make them easier to digest via grilling, steaming, roasting, baking.

  • Paleo Diet

    Opt for “paleo” flours such as coconut and nut flours over rice flour

  • Eat Gluten Free

    Grains must be purchased in bags that are clearly marked GF

  • Vegetable Breakfast

    Try to add vegetables in your morning breakfast. Beans, Iceberg, carrots, mushrooms and more.

  • Perfect meal Plate

    Your Plate should be 1/2 veggies, 1/4 starch, 1/4 protein.

  • Be hydrated

    Track water intake over several days to make sure that you’re getting enough (at least 64oz daily)

  • Food Tip

    Always heat food in glass containers to avoid exposure to the toxins in plastic.

  • Importance of Selenium

    Selenium is an important micronutrient for immune and thyroid function. 2-3 Brazil nuts daily provide the recommended 200mcg of Selenium.

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Have Probiotic beverage

Eat Sweet Potato


Paleo Diet

Eat Gluten Free

Vegetable Breakfast

Perfect meal Plate

Be hydrated

Food Tip

Importance of Selenium